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Cafe hours: Tuesday- Friday 7am-3pm - Satuday 8am-4pm


We are a Full Service Bicycle Shop and Cafe located in Newburgh, Indiana that offers bicycles, service, parts, gear, accessories, breakfast, lunch, a coffee/espresso bar, house baked GF & Vegan bakery treats, smoothies, and more!

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Basic Tune Up- $65

  • Quickly wipe down frame and fork

  • Inspect frame, fork, and wheels for damage and wear

  • Tighten all bolts to correct torque.

  • Adjust Derailleurs (gears)

  • Adjust Brakes ($35 per brake if bleeding is needed)

  • Adjust Loose Spokes (on bike)

  • Chain Wear Inspecation

  • Lubricate Chain

  • Inflate Tires to Reccomended PSI

  • Test Ride

  • Extra charges may be applied for excessive dirt and grime

Sport Tune Up-   $120

  • Thoroughly wipe down frame, fork, and wheels

  • Full Safety Inspection

  • Remove and clean/degrease Cranks and chainrings

  • Inspect and Adjust All Bearings (Headset, bottom bracket, and wheel bearings)

  • Clean Chain

  • Chain Wear Inspection

  • Lube Chain

  • Adjust Derailleurs

  • True Wheels (remove from bike)

  • True brake rotors

  • Adjust Brakes ($30 per brake if bleeding is needed)

  • Inflate Tires to Recommended PSI

  • Test Ride

  • Consultation and Recommendations

  • Extra charges may be applied for excessive dirt and grime

The Pro Tune- $200


  • Deep clean frame, fork, and wheels

  • Full Safety Inspection

  • disassemble bike

  • Chain Wear Inspection

  • Clean/Degrease Drivetrain

  • Flush out and lubricate shifters

  • Overhaul Headset, Wheel, and Bottom Bracket bearings, repack grease and/or replace as needed (replacement bearings and other parts not included)

  • Clean Braking Surfaces

  • True Disc Brake Rotors

  • Inspect and Clean Disc Brakes ($30 per brake if bleeding is needed)

  • True Wheels

  • Replace Cables and Housing (Labor only. Cables, housing, and bartape/grips not included)

  • Reinstall and Adjust Brakes

  • Reinstall and Adjust Derailleurs

  • Lubricate cables and pivot/friction points

  • Lubricate Chain

  • Torque all hardware to Manufacturer Specifications

  • Polish Frame, Fork, and wheels

  • Inflate Tires to Manufacturer Recommended PSI

  • Test Ride

  • Consultation and Recommendations

  • Some high performance bicycles may receive additional charges do to complex internally routed cables and exotic parts

  • Extra Charges may be applied for excessive dirt and grime

  • Suspension and linkage service not included w/ Pro Tune

Other Services:



The Prices below are the average charge for each type of service. Some jobs require more time, tools, and experience than others. As a result of the varying difficulty additional charges may be applied at the time of service.

We offer a wide variety of services! If you do not see a service listed below, please click HERE to contact us.

  • Tubeless Tire Setup (thoroughly clean rim surface, properly install tubeless rim tape, valve, tire, and sealant) $25 EACH wheel. DOES NOT INCLUDE TAPE, VALVES, OR SEALANT. We cannot install tubeless tires on non tubeless rims

  • Safety Check- $30 (Tighten all bolts and test ride to ensure the bicycle is safe to ride. Great option for newly purchased bikes!)

  • Wash and Lube $35

  • Assemble new bicycle from box starts at $50 for a “basic” bicycle (hourly rate typically used)

  • Replace Inner Tube/ Install Tire $10-15 +parts (some E-Bikes will have additional labor charges due to added difficulty)

  • Replace Tubeless Tire and add new sealant $15 each (sealant not included)

  • Adjust Derailleur (gears) $15-20 each $30 for both

  • Adjust Brakes $15-20 each $30 for both

  • Shifter/Derailleur Cable Install $20-30 +parts

  • Brake Cable Install-$15-20 +parts

  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul $30-35

  • True Disc Brake Rotor $12

  • Minor Wheel True $20

  • Major Wheel True $25

  • Replace Spoke $35 +parts

  • Internal Nipple Wheel True NON-TUBELESS- $35+ parts

  • Internal Nipple Wheel True TUBELESS- $45 +parts

  • Replace Spoke on Tubeless Wheel $45 (tape and sealant not included)

  • Adjust wheel bearings $15 front $20 rear

  • Overhaul hub $25 front $35 rear +parts

  • Bleed Hydraulic Brake $35 each

  • Install New Mountain bike Hydraulic Disc Brake $40

  • Install New Road Bike Hydraulic Brake/Shifter $55

  • Install Chain $20

  • $70 hourly rate for odd jobs such as “finding creaks” or rebuilding components

  • Scroll down the page to see Suspension Service Rates!

  • Basic Bicycle Fitting Service $60 per hour (basic fit typically takes 45 mins to 1 hour)

  • Contact us about custom bike builds from Specialized, Giant, Kona, Scott, KHS, SURLY, All-City, and more!


Suspension Service:

 -Fork Overhaul $70 +parts

  • Recommended every 30-50 Hours

  • Drain Oil and Clean Stanchions

  • Inspect and Clean Fork Lowers

  • Replace Dust Seals

  • Remove Air Spring, clean, grease, replace seals (if needed), re-install

  • Refill with Proper Weight and Volume of Oil

  • Additional Charges for Open Bath Damper Services May be Applied

-Rear Shock Air Can Seal Service $35 +parts

  • Removal of Rear Shock From Frame

  • Cleaning and Inspection

  • Replacement of Seals and Fluid

  • Clean and Grease Shock Mounting hardware

Please call ahead for availibility of Fork and Shock seal kits!